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Shangi Purple Perilla Plum Juice 祥記紫蘇梅汁150ml /btl

Shangi Plum Vinegar 祥记梅子醋150ml/btl

SHANGI PLUM SYRUP 祥记梅子浆150ml/btl

RM 27.00Add to CartRM 39.90Add to CartRM 27.00Add to Cart

Shangi Plum Preserve 200g/pkt 祥记紫素梅粒

Shangi-Refined Plum Pill 祥記煉梅 ( 雙盒裝 160粒 ) 80 pills / 2box. free 40 pills / pkt

Shangi Plum Concentrated 祥記煉梅膏 50g/can

RM 33.00RM 29.70Add to CartRM 299.00Add to CartRM 149.00RM 134.10Add to Cart

Shangi Black Sesame Oil 祥記黑芝麻油(大)500ml

Shangi Plum Powder 祥記梅子粉 50g/btl

Shangi Plum Preserve (Big) 祥記紫蘇梅粒 (大) 720g/12btl

RM 89.00RM 80.10Add to CartRM 26.00RM 23.40Add to CartRM 76.00Add to Cart

Shangi Aged Plum Vinegar 祥記陳年梅子醋 600ml/btl

Shangi Plum Syrup (Big) 祥 記 梅 子 漿 (大 ) 600ml/btl

Shangi Purple Perilla Plum Juice 祥記紫蘇梅汁 600ml /btl

RM 128.00Add to CartRM 85.00Add to CartRM 85.00Add to Cart

Shangi - Camellia Oil (B) 祥記茶籽油(大) (500ml/btl)

Shangi - Camellia Oil (S) 祥記茶籽油(小)(250ml/btl)

Shangi - Black Sesame Oil (S) 祥記黑麻油(小) 250m/btll

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