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佳營健康有限公司成立於 2010 年,傳承於奈子有限公司。

奈子創立於 2006 年初,當時民眾對於生機、有機飲食的觀念處於萌芽階段。推廣有機 饮食觀念,一路蓽路藍縷,奈子積極邀請台灣配合廠商、營養相關專業人士,來馬舉辦講座, 推廣生機、有機飲食、健康生活,持續至今。

因緣促成,接手奈子,開創了佳營健康有限公司,承襲『奈子以愛自己、愛家人、愛眾 人的心,推動健康飲食概念,打造自我健康』。以『飲食為基礎,搭配功能性食品、自然療 法,輔佐人體處弱時的狀況,以促進大眾身心靈健康』為使命。

一脈相承,公司經營邁入十年,結合了本國及國際資深專業人士,將豐富健康知識及經 驗貢獻社會,協助廣大多元族群建構健康、預防慢性病變的生活習慣及飲食。 佳營健康有限公司邁入下一個十年,將以“最佳营养概念”作为公司核心理念及发展的方向,持續在健康產業推广天然、有机的健康营养品。

公司累積十年經驗,針對未來所研發、代理、進出口、銷售等經營的健康相關商品,都謹遵 公司一直以來的严格要求及原则,一一进行筛选。從產地、來源、原料、製程、包裝、運送、 檢驗、實驗等等把關程序,佳營十年來建構完善嚴格的把關機制。

佳營知道人體要獲得健康,基礎營養需求、天然無毒、不負擔、好消化、能吸收都是健 康關鍵,我們以最符合人體獲得健康的方式,製造或篩選商品,所提供的产品种类范围包括: 有机食品、纯天然健康食品、营养保健品等。除了為消費大眾、專業人士及全国通路提供健康营养食品外,並积极與時日進的自我學 習,同時不間斷地为國人舉办健康教育活动,包括:健康讲座、健康料理、营养辅导等課程。 同時,为个人健康提供咨询、饮食辅导等等服務,来提升人体健康水平,成就充满活力的生命。


BNC Health Sdn Bhd is a legacy of Naizi Sdn Bhd was founded in 2010.

Naizi was founded in early 2006. At that time, vitality diet and organic diet were still at the germinal stage, and promoting the concept of healthy living was just like fighting an uphill battle. Undaunted, Naizi has aggressively invited organic food manufacturers and nutritionists from Taiwan to speak in seminars, promoting organic foods and healthy living in Malaysia, until today.  

BNC Health Sdn Bhd was established to take over Naizi by chance, inheriting the latter’s business philosophy of ‘love yourself, your family and everyone, and spread the concept of healthy diet for self-health’ as well as upholding the mission of ‘promoting a healthy body, mind and spirit, especially when the body is weak, with proper diet, functional foods and naturopathy.’  

The company has been in business for ten years. We mobilise senior professionals from Malaysia and abroad to upgrade the society on health knowledge; help diverse ethnic groups to build healthy habits/diet to prevent chronic diseases. BNC Health Sdn Bhd is ushering in the next decade with “the best nutrition concept” as its core development strategy, and we shall continue to promote natural, organic and healthy nutrition in the health market.

Backed by 10 years of rich experience and a consummate SOP, the company will continue to apply the most stringent protocol on future R&D, distribution, import/export and marketing of health foods.

We know that to stay healthy, people need basic nutrition that is natural, non-toxic, burden-free, easy to digest and absorb, so we manufacture or screen for products that are instrumental to the body’s health, offering a range of products that includes organic foods, natural health foods, health food supplements etc. 

Besides providing health foods to the general public and professionals, we shall continue to upgrade our knowledge and keep abreast with the times. We shall keep organizing health education programs, including health seminars, healthy cooking lessons, nutrition counselling etc. At the same time, we shall provide personal health counselling, diet advice etc. to improve health status as well as to achieve a vibrant life. 

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