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PlantBio - Kid E-mune Gold 400ml/btl

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PlantBio - Kid E-mune Gold 400ml/btl Baby Food FOOD
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Kid E-mune GOLD uses premium quality of Echinacea plant as an immune booster against cold, flu, and respiratory infection. Since 1930s, German researchers have discovered the effect of Echinacea on immune system especially against respiratory infection. Of all medicinal plant discovered to date, Echinacea appears to be the most effective immunity booster.

Kid E-mune GOLD also contains Fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) derived from chicory root. FOS are termed as prebiotics as they are a direct source of feedment for the cells of large intestine. They promote the growth of friendly bacterial flora that have well-known beneficial effects such as inhibiting the development of pathogenic bacteria, and improving digestion and nutrient absorption. It is a specially
formulated immunity food supplement for children above 1 year old (up to 12 years old).

contains a compound called echinacoside which acts as a natural antibiotic,that can kill a broad range of viruses,bacteria,fungi,and protozoa,which makes it invalueble in wound healing and in the treatment of infectious diseases.There is a great deal research that has reported Evhinacea’s afficacy in treating colds,flu,bronchitis,tuberculosis,infections,etc.

FOS are made up of plant sugars linked in.They are non-digestable as they pass through the human digestively utilized by the beneficial bacterial(known as bifidobecteria or bifidus)for growth and poliferation.A healthy microbial population influences digestion and absorbtion of nutrients,detoxification and elimination processes,and the emmune system.

l Enhancing immune function
l Relieving Cold & Flu symptoms
l Relieving Cough
l Relieving Sore Throat
l Relieving Fever
l Relieving respiratory infection
l Promoting Breathing

l Improving digestion
l Improving nutrient absorbtion
l Promoting the growth of friendly bacterial
l Helping constipation problem
l Enhansing absorbtion of calcium and magnesium in colon
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