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Sesame Toona Paste 芝麻香椿拌酱 350g

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Sesame Toona Paste 芝麻香椿拌酱 350g Seasoning & Paste Cooking Ingredients FOOD
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350 g
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★ Best for noodles, dishes, and dipping sauce
★ Real and detailed taste
★ The delicious sauce for moms and vegetarians!
★ Steamed, fried, and boiled Toon rich in vitamin C and carotene, a natural antioxidant foods, healthy quite helpful. Toon flavor is very suitable as a substitute for onions, or remove the smell of the meat or fish Spice, pretty good to use Added high nutritional value of sesame. In addition to adding flavor, it also has a health effect
Product Name: Sesame Toon Sauce
International barcode: 47117150003821 Specification
(content): 350g / can Shelf life: 2 years Ingredients: toon sprout, organic sesame, organic black soy bean, mushroom, olive oil *100% Natural, No Preservative, No Coloring *Suitable for Vegetarian ~Can cook with fried rice

★蒸、炒、煮皆宜 香椿中富含維生素C以及胡蘿蔔素, 為天然抗氧化食品, 對於健康相當有幫助. 香椿的風味很適合做為蔥的替代品,或是去除葷食中腥味的香料,相當好使用 添加高營養價值的芝麻. 除了增添風味外, 對健康也有加分效果

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