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GK-ENZYME SYRUP-MENTHOL  (300ML) Supplement Supplement
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1. Who are we?
We are an organic farm which has been established since 1994. We are based on three principles. First, we use our own homemade compost. Second, we do not use greenhouses or planting houses. Third, we do not use pesticides and we do not believe in killing pests. Rather, we allow insects to live as part of the ecosystem. We have made a commitment towards healthy, environmentally-friendly, natural and organic products for over 20 years.
2. What are enzymes?
Enzymes are macromolecular biological catalysts. They are responsible for thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life. Enzymes are highly selective catalysts, greatly accelerating both the rate and specificity of metabolic chemical reactions, from the digestion of food to the synthesis of DNA. Most enzymes are proteins. Enzymes can be affected by temperature, a chemically-polluted environment, and electromagnetic waves. There are also many other factors which damage enzymes. We are able to synthetically recreate enzymes which contain almost the same natural elements as the ones produced by nature.
3. What is GK Minty Basil Enzyme Syrup?
This unique concoction is made up of Philippine Minty Basil, Indian Mint, and raw cane sugar, all of which are organically sourced. These ingredients are fermented, without any addition of water or yeast, without heating, and go through a traditional process of natural osmosis within 6 months. The final product is the result of patient extraction from this all-natural source.
 4. What are Philippine Minty Basil and Indian Mint?
As the name suggests, the original source of the Philippine Minty Basil is The Philippines. It is an herb traditionally used by the local tribes to treat coughs and asthma. The Indian Mint is also found locally in Malaysia and is used to treat rashes and kill germs. It also refreshes the senses.
5. What is the main function of GK Minty Basil Enzyme Syrup?
It greatly helps to dissolve mucus in our respiratory system, which is the source of our coughs. Once the mucus is eliminated from our system, the coughing will stop.
6. Besides this function, are there any other benefits?
GK Enzyme Syrup helps to cool our body, soothes our throat and reduces hoarseness. Such symptoms can occur when we eat barbecued or grilled food. Once early detection of fever symptoms or rise in body temperature is made, intake of GK Enzyme Syrup can help to prevent further illness. It also refreshes a tired body while reducing stress. In our current haze-polluted environment and frequent changes in weather, we tend to fall sick easily. Intake of GK Enzyme Syrup protects our health from these factors.
7. Can it treat both wet cough and dry cough?
Regardless of either type of a cough, both are caused by bacteria in our respiratory system. GK Enzyme Syrup can help to eliminate the bacteria and relieve the symptoms of both types of coughs.
8. How is GK Minty Basil Enzyme Syrup different from other similar products on the market?
First of all, it is a mixture of enzymes and not medicine. Most medicinal products cause side effects which GK Enzyme Syrup does not produce. Many of the chemically produced cough syrups contain various elements such as antibiotics, preservatives, food stabilizers, artificial sweeteners and food coloring. These elements increase the burden on our liver and kidneys, overworking them in the process. An accumulation of these elements in our body will also create other illnesses, causing damage to our health in the long term.
9. Is GK Minty Basil Enzyme Syrup suitable for everyone?
GK Enzyme Syrup is suitable for all ages and genders, except infants (2 years and below), diabetics and those allergic to herbs. If you are unsure regarding your body’s ability to consume GK Enzyme Syrup, please consult your doctor before consuming. For those who are physically weak and pale, we advise that you boil some old ginger in minimal amounts of water until the solution thickens, then drink that solution first to improve your physical condition before consuming GK Enzyme Syrup to increase its effectiveness.
10. How to consume GK Minty basil Enzyme Syrup?
For adults or children who are above 30kg (Category 1), you are advised to take one tablespoon. This can be taken before or after meals. Since this is not medicine, there are no restrictions to when it can be consumed. For children who are below 30kg (Category 2), one teaspoon is sufficient. If cough symptoms persist, a further consumption of one tablespoon or one teaspoon after 3 hours is advisable. Once cough symptoms are gone, you can stop any further consumption. Please refer to Category 1 or Category 2 for the correct consumption amount. Please allow 5 minutes after taking each sip before drinking any water.
11. How to store GK Minty Basil Enzyme Syrup properly?
Please store in a cool dry place. There is no definite expiry date for our product as it is rich with active friendly bacteria. Based on our experience, our product has been known to last up to 12 years. Please make sure that your saliva or water does not come into direct contact with the bottle as any foreign substance will affect the organic structure of our product and cause it to spoil.
12. How do we know if our product is no longer suitable for consumption?
If you taste sourness and there is an absence of sweetness in our product, then you will know that all healing properties in our product have disappeared. Furthermore, if you do not taste any cooling or minty sensation, then we advise you to stop consuming our product. If such a situation arises, you need not waste our product. Instead, add it to your garden compost to be used as a fertilizer for your plants.
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